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Pankaj Thakar

Pankaj Thakar

Pankaj Thakar has 33 years of Corporate and Start-up Experience. In his various C-level roles and as the founder of multiple start-ups globally, he has built, advised and transformed both corporate and start-up companies to become highly successful. Pankaj worked with many reputed companies like HCL Limited, India Telecom Ltd, Atlas Telecom Ltd etc., Value First Media Ltd.. He has created Global Start-ups like Consilnet Inc. based out of Silicon Valley USA and recently Cellcast Interactive which he successfully exited. All these companies have been in technology and consumer space.


Pankaj is a tech evangelist with specialization in Digital Media Strategies, Digital Marketing, Online Consumer Behavior and Big Data Applications & Analytics. He has attended Harvard Business School & MIT’s Executive Education programs in Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Big Data Analysis & Applications that makes him relevant and gives an edge over others to understand analyze and build world class companies.


Pankaj enjoys mentoring, coaching and advising Strat-ups at various stages from idea to growth & currently is engaged with many of them. He is a prolific speaker & has spoken in many conferences and seminars, globally. He also enjoys writing and has written many case studies/White papers in Traditional as well as Digital Marketing & recently on "Change Management" while helping a company to "transform" & stay relevant. Finally, he believes that his best is yet to come!


Hence his next move – Padup Ventures – that helps an individual or individuals or a company to start a technology differentiated venture who walk in with not more than an idea and a laptop, to start, survive, sustain and scale their business. He enjoys speaking to young entrepreneurs at all levels, specially in universities where he interacts with them regularly to motivate, incubate and accelerate their entrepreneurial ambitions by educating them in the science and art of entrepreneurship – science being the process and art the entrepreneurs’ ability, passion and vision to build a sustainable and scalable business.