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PadUp Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

PadUp Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Young companies and their Founders are particularly vulnerable in their early/start-up years. A significantly higher percentage of inexperienced entrepreneurs trying their luck at starting companies means lack of exposure, maturity, resources, experience, network, corporate governance knowledge etc. Technology start-ups tend to be a group of technology professionals with little business experience. Further, the start-up environment can be significantly more hostile in a developing economy, where services remain inadequate, inaccessible or expensive.

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The diverse nature of modern tech startups means a higher demand for flexible starting points. Inexperienced entrepreneurs may not always realize it, but they need solid direction in order to succeed. The business world is challenging and, at times, unpredictable, and without a keen mentor to direct their energy, they may end up fizzling out before striking success. Furthermore, inexperienced entrepreneurs may have more difficulty locating initial resources to build momentum.


Padup Ventures is a Knowledge Firm that helps Entrepreneurs with a structured process to build "Disruptive & Innovative” Start-ups.


Padup uses a customized methodology to help these start-ups acquire entrepreneurship skills at all levels. The key elements are user centric approach, lean start-up philosophy, learning while doing, and models to build innovative solution to real, emerging and futuristic problems.


IDEA to Start-up in 13 Weeks

Padup Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed to overcome all the above challenges faced by Entrepreneurs while they stating up or at an early stage.This Bootcamp has been created keeping in mind the need of Entrepreneurial Education for budding entrepreneurs and also the need of the startups for revalidation or pivoting.


Unfurling across thirteen weeks, the Bootcamp will also help entrepreneurs understand the nuances of entrepreneurship as well validate their business idea/proposition thru the process that is customer-centric and based on lean startup principles.

The Bootcamp shall further help the founders define market segments, end users, market size, sales process, business model, pricing, the definition of Life Time Value and Cost Of Customer Acquisition etc

As the founder progresses and checks items off the list, the mentors review, provide feedback, and track the progress of the founder through the entrepreneurship journey. This would help the startups in particular that do not have yet a strong grip on their product and market.

 Padup has designed this Bootcamp to help and push founders to think or rethink their startup, answer vital questions and get a grip on what their focus should be. Post attending this program, all participating entrepreneurs will either be able to develop their innovation into a sustainable and scalable business or pivot into one. 



The participants in the Padup Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will develop a systematic toolkit for venture creation and gain a disciplined mindset of the successful entrepreneur. Innovation doesn't grow in the comfort zone. It takes courage to breathe life into a new idea. At Padup, we believe that the journey starts with knowledge.

Course objectives

Whether one is an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, this course promises a world-class professional touch to help take you and your ideas to the next level of excellence.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world - Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson - created products that solved real problems. In this course, one will learn about a systematic and proven process, which you can use to build a successful company, starting by identifying a real life problem you want to solve. At Padup, we truly believe entrepreneurs are made and not born and the journey starts with the knowledge you will acquire in this course. 

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Course content & Schedule

In this Bootcamp, we will examine the key concepts outlined by many world renowned teachers of entrepreneurship around the world.The participants will practice applying the learning in real time, through interactive assignments, and live coaching sessions with Padup mentors. The participants will also enjoy virtual interactions with some of today's leading innovators and entrepreneurs.

As we work to develop new ventures from start to finish, the course will culminate into a comprehensive pitch-ready business plan. This is an intensive program for highly motivated individuals and teams who want to put their idea to the test and answer this question: Does this idea have real market potential, and if so, what is it and how can it be pursued.


The Expectation Fulfilled from Padup Bootcamp

Join the entrepreneurial community!

The Bootcamp shall attract a diverse group of innovators from around the world. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. But, it doesn’t have to be and so let's do it together!

Challenge yourself!

We identify and define problems that lead to solutions; It's easy to say "I believe in the idea", but the reality is that it’s not all about the idea. It's about the process to build a sustainable and scalable business based on the idea! So let's understand the process.

Develop yourself!

Learn more about your own strengths and potential. Working with teammates who help you become a better listener but also become more open-minded.

Mens et manus!

Great companies are founded on the principle of “men's et manus” or learning by doing. At the Padup Bootcamp, the learning takes place not only in teaching sessions, but also through peer learning, coaching, and feedback. As it is said, entrepreneurship is about Attitude and Attitude is Aptitude + Knowledge!

Team-based approach!

At the beginning of the program, participants identify and define problems to solve. One of the ideas becomes the focal point of the team. Teams are formed based on the area of interest, with each team having five or more participants.


Solutions are presented working closely in teams, leveraging each person’s unique skills. Teams receive specific and actionable feedback.