Dude Mobile Is Different !
On a side note, and I am trying not to reflect on the recent story making round where Google was supposedly buying inMobi, but still cant refrain from saying 'Really!' and I stop there as it may not be correct to comment on something that is pure speculation. I leave that discussion for another day (the day it happens)

That brings me to my real reason for this post! I want to discuss Mobile Advertising in context to "Mobile is Different". To really understand the what is so different about Mobile Advertising, one needs to understand the Mobile User buying journey as consumer and then figure out the way to influence their buying decision by engaging with them at the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE and with RIGHT INFORMATION! I say all these three since mobile and its users, is in continuous motion and their need for Information is ON THE MOVE! In fact, Even before that one need to understand how these two medium, Mobile and Digital are different than the traditional advertising! Here what I have learned about the difference between traditional and digital advertising: There are no 'P's in Digital Advertising: In Digital world, the 4Ps have lost there relevance as they have been replaced new terminologies as the Mobile Users consumer behavior has changed due to significant change in the buying journey that the online user undertakes. here is what has happened to 4Ps as they get replaced by new actions as traditional advertising makes way to digital.

Advertising : Traditional >>> Digital
Product >>> Solution
Placement >>> Access
Price >>> Value
Promotion >>> Education
The above has been discussed and debated enough to establish that it is a done deal. However what is being overlooked is the way Mobile Advertising is different than Online Advertising! The way Traditional advertising is different from Digital, Mobile Advertising too is different from Digital. The reason is same, Consumers Buying Journey of a Mobile User is very different than the online user. Although they are using the same medium to transact, the Internet! Let me try and explain this by evaluating the two journey's.
Online User >>> Intent to Buy >>> Online Research >>> Buy
Mobile User >>> Ready to Buy >>> Search@Location >>> Visit Store >>> Buy
So if you are an advertiser, to make your presence felt online, you would resort to SEO, SEM, Banner and Social Media etc. to advertise! However, the same looses its relevance on Mobile Advertising. A Mobile User is not researching but searching a product or service, nearby to his current location! Research indicates that Most of the time The Mobile users are ready to make heir buying decision and now all they need is Real information on availability, price etc.! So how does one advertise to influence their Buying decision from here on?
In my opinion the advertisers has to take hard & close look at how the fundamentals have changed while advertising to Mobile Users! Here is how I see transition is happening:
Advertising : Traditional >>> Digital >>> Mobile
Product >>> Solution >>> Information
Placement >>> Access >>> Location
Price >>> Value >>> Relevance
Promotion >>> Education >>> Communication
Information: Real-time Information (RIT) about products availability, price etc, has replaced the Product & Solution as Mobile User is in constant motion and make decisions that are NOW & HERE! Hence, the advertiser has to make available LATEST, UPDATED & CONTEXTUAL information to influence Mobile User buying decision making. Hence the static information like address, location, phone number may not be enough. To be part of their buying journey, the advertisers has to reach out to Mobile User with dynamic real time information constantly.
Location : Identifying Mobile Uses location and providing them with locally relevant information is the new Placement & Access. Mobile is inherently local – therefore Mobile User location, comes very handy for targeting and reaching mobile audiences. Further when Mobile users are on the move, local factors are changing continuously and have a direct impact on influencing and engaging mobile user. Providing "Real Time Information at a desired Location" can be most effective way of motivating them to make a purchase decision while influencing it at the same time.

Relevance : Mobile users buying decision time is information based/driven and hence Relevance has taken precedence over Price and sometime even Value. It is the key to help Mobile Users make a decision as most of the time they are on the move and the context is changing all the time. Therefore, advertisers providing local context and updated information can become most relevant factor to mobile Mobile Users buying decision, making price irrelevant and value less important (it almost feels like "impulse Purchase" where consumer don't care what, why and for how much they are buying). "Relevant Real Time Information at a desired Location " is key to Mobile Users decision making.

Communication : Sending relevant and just in time of decision making communique' was impossible before mobile came into existence. Now it is becoming key to influencing a buying decision since it is most effective way of Promotion and Education! Mobile User, since on the move is resulting in ever changing location and the context, Communicating with Mobile user at the time of decision making is critical in influencing that decision.

Communicating Just-in-time with Relevant Real-time information at a Desired Location can influence a Mobile User buying decision. Isn't that what mobile advertisers want? Influence the Mobile Users buying Decision!

Coming back to how Mobile is different, there is more to it! With wearable and IOT coming in with a big force, advertisers will have to start thinking even more deeper and continuously track users behavior for changes to stay relevant. More Soon!