Aam Admi Party, Have U Forgotten Crowdsourcing?

I was forced to write this piece since AAP announced that for Free WIFi in Delhi, they are looking at studying the Singapore Model.First I laughed and the I was upset as WiFi is really basic technology infrastructure and India has to look at Singapore! Really Arvind, Manish? You disappoint me when there is very simple Crowedsourcing solution available for it!

A city like Delhi can provide Free Wifi by simple crowdsourcing it! I am sure many of us in technology business would consider it as too low tech to dwell into it! No wonder, no one, not a single Mobile Operator has come forward to offer any solution and the Minister in-charge is saying it may take couple of years to provide Free WiFi. I am sure it is not the financial constraint that is stopping AAP as if that was so, they should have though about it earlier before promising it during the election! So what is it that is stopping AAP from implementing this election promise? I guess lack of imagination and the Broadband Infrastructure that is needed to provide Free WiF! Who will provide the Broadband Backbone to install those thousands if not lakhs Wifi Access Points an then secure them too!

Now that is where I think the Crowdsourcing can play a major role! There are over 1.6 million landline subscribers in all parts of Delhi and this landline infrastructure covers every nook & corner of Delhi. ! AAP can easily use this infra to create a DSL based Broadband Infra where a current landline subscriber is incentivized for allowing an installation of DSL Based Access Point for Public Access around his Home/Shop/Office.This is simple as that! In fact there would be many volunteers who would be able to offer there home/office/shop and also find/convince subscribers in neighborhood to provide access to their premise as it is a public service, that too free and shall benefit people at large. At the back-end, all you need is a Management System that can map users via their phone number to their access device and it is done. Such management system(s) have strong security measures to avoid unauthorized or unethical use and are available by many world renowned companies like Cisco etc that can supply in no time. Delhi Government should use MTNL infra as it is being done in many countries under 'unbundling of copper' initiatives.

This may sound too simple but sometimes we miss what is obvious and look for amore complicated solution. In fact this is simple models for County's, City Administrations and City Councils etc, who wish to provide free WiFi in public places to adopt globally and Delhi can show the way! Are you listening Arvind?